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Gurzuf in real time. Live broadcasts: Gurzuf in real time mode, day and night, free, nearby: Partenit, Nikita.

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Swimming Pool of «Ai-Danil» SanatoriumSwimming Pool of «Ai-Danil» Sanatorium

Live webcam demonstrates a view of the swimming pool of «Ai-Danil» Sanatorium in Gurzuf town. The resort is set in a landscaped park, which harmoniously combines the high art of gardening and the beauty of wild, pristine nature of the sub-Mediterranean forests.
Broadcasting technique: live video 360p

Gurzuf webcamGurzuf webcam

Gurzuf webcam: a live of the Black sea from Gurzuf Diving Centre (Crimea, Russia).
Broadcasting mode: live video 360p

Webcam in the center of GurzufWebcam in the center of Gurzuf

Live webcam is placed in the center of Gurzuf on the «Pyatak» on Cafe Dubai Pizza on Leningrad Street. The broadcast goes in real time with a slight delay to half a minute.
Broadcasting mode: live video 480p

Online Gurzuf PanoramaOnline Gurzuf Panorama

Live webcam submits a panorama of Gurzuf. A view from the village club «GurzufLife».
Broadcasting method: live stream 360p

Webcam on AdalaryWebcam on Adalary

Live webcam is set in Gurzuf and transmits views of the Bear mountain, Adalary cliffs, and a small part of Chekhov's Bay. The camera is located at the scuba diving center «Gurzuf underwater».
Broadcasting technique: live video 360p

Beach of «Ai-Danil» SanatoriumBeach of «Ai-Danil» Sanatorium

Live webcam transmits the beach of «Ai-Danil» Sanatorium in Gurzuf town and views of Mount Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain).
Broadcasting way: live webcast 360p is the catalog of live webcams around the world. The catalog is divided into countries and cities. You can at any time immerse yourself in the world of online travel.

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