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Nkorho Pan WebcamNkorho Pan Webcam

Nkorho Pan Webcam: Nkorho Bush Lodge is situated in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve and shares an unfenced border with the Kruger National Park. An African Jewel, with a diverse abundance of wildlife. Live stream.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
1702.2 km.

Djuma Game Reserve WebcamDjuma Game Reserve Webcam

Live PTZ webcam is mounted in Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa. The camera in real time broadcasts a watering place for wild animals in front of the Gowrie Dam. If you're lucky, you can see how the lions come to the watering hole. If you are very lucky, with this webcam you can see in real time how the lions are hunting. In this case, the operator will try to direct the camera to the lions and approach them as close as possible. You can also see a lot of impal (light brown antelope) and many other species of mammals, birds and reptiles.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
1707.4 km.

Tembe Elephant Park Webcam, South AfricaTembe Elephant Park Webcam, South Africa

Live webcam is mounted at a watering hole in Tembe Elephant Park in northeastern South Africa. With this webcam, you can watch the largest elephants in the world in real time. The park was founded in 1983 to protect the elephants that migrated between Maputaland and southern Mozambique. These elephants were traumatized by poaching during the Mozambican civil war, so the park was not opened to the public until 1991.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 720p
1723.2 km.

Bird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South AfricaBird feeder webcam in Pretoria, South Africa

Live webcam demonstrates the bird feeder and drinker in the city of Pretoria in South Africa in real time. This bird feeding station is set in the backyard of a suburban garden in Pretoria, Gauteng province, South Africa. Apart from Pretoria being at 1400 meters above sea level, the bird feeder is situated between the trees about 6 meters above ground level.
Broadcasting technique: live video 1080p
2062.9 km.

Tau Waterhole PTZ webcam, South AfricaTau Waterhole PTZ webcam, South Africa

Live PTZ webcam overlooks Waterhole in the Republic of South Africa in real time. The camera is positioned on the northern border of South Africa and Botswana, in a beautiful area known as Groot Marico, named after the Marico River. This impressive site is home to the Madikwe Game Reserve.
Broadcasting way: live video 720p
2223.2 km.

African animal lookout webcamAfrican animal lookout webcam

This cam pans about 120 degrees from the fever trees just to the left of the hippo pool all the way upriver to “Basking Beach.”
Broadcasting mode: live stream 480p
2449.7 km.

African Safari WebcamAfrican Safari Webcam

This infrared webcam has a fixed 30-degree view of the main beach at the hippo pool.
Broadcasting technique: live video 480p
2449.7 km.

African Watering Hole Animal CameraAfrican Watering Hole Animal Camera

This cam pans about 120 degrees from the fever trees just to the left of the hippo pool all the way upriver to «Basking Beach». The view overlaps with that of the African River Wildlife Camera, but with a lower angle.
Broadcasting method: live feed 1080p
2449.7 km.

African River Wildlife WebcamAfrican River Wildlife Webcam

This cam is sighted upriver from the hippo pool at a bend in the river. It allows you to follow wildlife corridors on both sides of the river. You can see ellies, giraffes, kudus, etc., as they browse and wander along the riverside, often on their way to the hippo pool and basking beach watering holes. This cam picks up the view from where the high and low hippo-cams drop off, and goes quite a distance upriver.
Broadcasting way: live webcast 480p
2449.7 km.

Strand Beach WebcamStrand Beach Webcam

Live webcam transmits the Strand beach in real time. The camera is positioned on the 7th floor of the Cape Sands Beachfront Home and is directed towards the beach and Falls Bay.
Broadcasting way: live feed 1080p
3234.2 km.

Webcam at a watering hole in the Namib Desert, NamibiaWebcam at a watering hole in the Namib Desert, Namibia

Live webcam demonstrates a watering hole for wildlife, which is set among the endless red sand dunes of the Namib Desert, in the Gondwana Namib Park, on the border with the Namib Naukluft Park in Namibia. The camera works in real time and allows you to watch wild African animals that come to this watering place around the clock.
Broadcasting technique: live feed 1080p
3255.3 km.

Muizenberg Beach Webcam, Cape TownMuizenberg Beach Webcam, Cape Town

Live webcam demonstrates Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town in real time. The live stream demonstrates the beach itself and views of Falls Bay - famous for its white shark population. The Cape of Good Hope is visible in the background.
Broadcasting technique: live stream 1080p
3263.8 km.

Clifton 4th beach webcam, Cape TownClifton 4th beach webcam, Cape Town

Live webcam submits the 4th beach of Clifton in Cape Town in real time. Clifton 4th Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag in recognition of its environmental, safety and tourism standards. The beach is distinguished by the impeccable cleanliness of the territory and coastal waters. At the fourth beach, luxurious yachts are often anchored, from which vacationers come to the shore in boats.
Broadcasting method: live webcast 1080p
3264.6 km.

Webcam on the sandbank of Kuredu Island, MaldivesWebcam on the sandbank of Kuredu Island, Maldives

Live webcam webcasts a view of the legendary sandbank of Kuredu Island in the Maldives in real time. To the right of the sandbank, right in the water, there is large swing, which is a favorite picture zone for tourists vacationing on the island of Kuredu.
Broadcasting way: live video 720p
3999.9 km.

Ocean Watersport LiveCamOcean Watersport LiveCam

Ocean Watersport LiveCam: webcam is mounted at the Ocean Watersport Center. Awaken the adventurous spirit within and try something new with Ocean Watersport, Kuredu Island Resort. The image will be updated every 60 seconds.
Broadcasting mode: picture 360p
4000.5 km.

Kuredu Island beach webcam, MaldivesKuredu Island beach webcam, Maldives

Live webcam broadcasts a white sandy beach on the island of Kuredu in the Maldives in real time. The sandy three-kilometer beach is the most attractive place on the island of Kuredu. The southern part of the beach is sandy, the Laccadive Sea is almost always calm. This is an ideal place for both swimmers and those who love to snorkel and admire the underwater world of the island.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 720p
4000.6 km.

Kuredu Island Live WebcamKuredu Island Live Webcam

Webcam is located at the pool with the pool bar and Franco's on the right. Updated every 60 seconds.
Broadcasting method: picture 360p
4000.6 km.

Webcam in the center of the Masjid al-Haram Mosque, MeccaWebcam in the center of the Masjid al-Haram Mosque, Mecca

Live webcam is mounted in the center of the Masjid al-Haram mosque in the city of Mecca and is aimed at the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a Muslim shrine, made in the form of a cubic building and is located in the inner courtyard of the Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Broadcasting technique: live webcast 720p
4599.7 km.

Webcam in the mosque of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in MedinaWebcam in the mosque of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in Medina

Live webcam webcasts Al-Masjid al-Nabawi Mosque in Medina in Saudi Arabia in real time. The Masjid al-Nabawi Mosque is the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 720p
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