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Morocco in real time. Interesting live webcams: Morocco live, all-day, free, without registration, nearby: Azilal, Tabant.

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Lanzarote airport Webcam, Canary IslandsLanzarote airport Webcam, Canary Islands

Live webcam is mounted at Lanzarote Airport named after Cesar Manrique on Lanzarote Island (Canary Islands, Spain). The camera submits the airport runway in real time and allows you to observe the arrival and landing of aircraft. The runway is built in the southeast of the island along the Atlantic coast.
Broadcasting method: live webcast 1080p
761.7 km.

Webcam on the beach of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote island, SpainWebcam on the beach of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote island, Spain

Live PTZ webcam webcasts the Playa Grande Beach of Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote Island in Spain in real time. This gorgeous sandy beach is right in the center of Puerto del Carmen. The beach has plenty of sun loungers and amenities, good sunset views and plenty of waterfront cafes and bars.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 1080p
768.6 km.

Funchal webcam, PortugalFunchal webcam, Portugal

Funchal webcam, Madeira island, Portugal: coast view.
Broadcasting mode: live video 1080p
993.8 km.

Barceloneta beach webcam, BarcelonaBarceloneta beach webcam, Barcelona

Live webcam demonstrates Barceloneta beach in real-time in the city of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain. The sandy beach of Barceloneta stretches on the Mediterranean coast for about one kilometer along the promenade of Paseo del Mare Nostrum.
Broadcasting technique: live webcast 720p
1306.2 km.

Webcam of the beach of Saint Sebastian, BarcelonaWebcam of the beach of Saint Sebastian, Barcelona

Live webcam shows a view of the beach of Saint-Sebastian in real time in Barcelona, ​​in the autonomous community of Catalonia, in Spain. The camera is placed in the northern part of Barceloneta beach and is directed towards the beach of Saint-Sebastian. Both beaches are in the Old Town area on the Mediterranean coast and are Barcelona's oldest beaches.
Broadcasting way: live feed 720p
1306.2 km.

Live webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of LourdesLive webcam of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

Live webcam broadcasts the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes or the Domain (as it is most commonly known) is an area of ground surrounding the Catholic shrine (Grotto) to Our Lady of Lourdes in the town of Lourdes, France.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 480p
1369.1 km.

PTZ webcam on Potiniere Beach, FrancePTZ webcam on Potiniere Beach, France

Live PTZ webcam on Potiniere Beach, France. The camera submits live views of the French Riviera in the commune of Hyeres. The field of view of the PTZ webcam includes: Potiniere Beach and the yacht club of the port of Hyeres, views of the island of Porquerolles, the Mediterranean Sea and yachts.
Broadcasting technique: live stream 1080p
1665.5 km.

Saint-Malo PTZ webcam, FranceSaint-Malo PTZ webcam, France

Saint-Malo live PTZ webcam translates various views of the city and the coast from the building of the local tourist center. The camera in real time submits the National Fort, the islands of Gran Be and Petit Be (with the grave of Chateaubriand), the beach of Eventail, the ancient city hall building and other attractions. In the far left position of the webcam you can see the Cathedral of St. Vincent in Saint-Malo.
Broadcasting method: live video 1080p
1904 km.

Perros-Guirec Coast Guard WebcamPerros-Guirec Coast Guard Webcam

Live PTZ webcam of the Perros-Guirec Coast Guard in the Brittany region of northern France. The camera in real time mode broadcasts a view of the Mean Ruz lighthouse (a lighthouse made of red stone) and a bank of pink granite.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
1904.5 km.

PTZ webcam on Jullouville beachPTZ webcam on Jullouville beach

Live PTZ webcam transmits the beach of the commune of Joulouville and views of the English Channel in the Normandy region of France. The camera is placed on the waterfront and works in real time.
Broadcasting way: live stream 720p
1925.1 km.

Manarola Webcam, ItalyManarola Webcam, Italy

Live webcam shows a view of the town of Manarola in Italy in real time. The camera is set in the restaurant «Nessun Dorma» in the town of Manarola, in the province of La Spezia, in the Cinque Terre park, on the territory of UNESCO. The webcam submits a breathtaking view of the town of Manarola, located on a rocky spur, with its characteristic colorful houses.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 1080p
1956.7 km.

The gulf of La Spezia webcam, ItalyThe gulf of La Spezia webcam, Italy

The webcam transmits the gulf of La Spezia with the views of Portovenere, the Palmaria Island and Tino in Liguria, near the Cinque Terre. The shot allows you to see the cruise ships and cargo ships entering and leaving the port and frames the part of the sky overlooking the Gulf.
Broadcasting way: live webcast 1080p
1965.2 km.

Saint Peter's Basilica WebcamSaint Peter's Basilica Webcam

Saint Peter's Basilica Webcam: live from Vatican.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
2008.5 km.

PTZ webcam on the beach of TrouvillePTZ webcam on the beach of Trouville

Live PTZ webcam is set on the beach of Trouville and webcasts various views of the coast and the English Channel in France. The commune of Trouville (officially Trouville-sur-Mer) is located in the Lower Normandy region, in the department of Calvados. The camera works around the clock in real time.
Broadcasting mode: live video 720p
2021.2 km.

Webcam on Cathedral Square of Orvieto, ItalyWebcam on Cathedral Square of Orvieto, Italy

Live webcam is placed on Cathedral Square of Orvieto in Italy and in real time webcasts a view of the Orvieto Cathedral (a cathedral of the beginning of the 14th century with golden mosaics on the facade, known for its chapel with frescoes).
Broadcasting way: live video 720p
2027.8 km.

Webcam on Piazza del Popolo, Todi, ItalyWebcam on Piazza del Popolo, Todi, Italy

Live webcam webcasts Piazza del Popolo (People's Square) in Todi in real time. On the perimeter of the square there are buildings: Concattedrale della Santissima Annunziata, Palazzo del Capitano, Palazzo dei Priori (Todi), Palazzo del Popolo.
Broadcasting mode: live webcast 720p
2052.2 km.

Webcam on the shore of Lake Trasimeno, Magione, ItalyWebcam on the shore of Lake Trasimeno, Magione, Italy

Live webcam is mounted on the shore of Lake Trasimeno in the municipality of Magione, in the province of Perugia, in the Umbria region, Italy. The camera around the clock submits a view of the Lake Trasimeno in real time. In the foreground of the broadcast you can see the public swimming pool «Zocco Beach».
Broadcasting method: live stream 720p
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