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Saint Petersburg in real time. Interesting live webcams: Saint Petersburg on-line, 365 days a year, 24 hours, no fee, nearby: Petrogradka, Centralniy.

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Palace Square WebcamPalace Square Webcam

Live webcam of Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. High-definition broadcasting with sound. The camera allows you to watch online all the major cultural and entertainment events taking place on the Palace Square in real time and with sound.
Broadcasting method: live feed 480p

The Smolny Cathedral WebcamThe Smolny Cathedral Webcam

The Smolny Cathedral Webcam: live from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The Smolny Cathedral was meant to be the main church of a convent to house Elisabeth, daughter of Peter the Great, who had been banned from ruling the country and therefore decided to become a nun. But as soon as her predecessor was overthrown during a coup carried out by the royal guards, she decided to forget the whole idea of a stern monastic life and happily accepted the offer of the Russian throne. The blue and white Smolny Cathedral is one of the most fabulous works of Bartolomeo Rastrelli (the creator of the Winter Palace, the Grand Catherine Palace in Pushkin, the Grand Palace in Peterhof, and other major landmarks).
Broadcasting method: live stream 360p

Great Gostiny Dvor WebcamGreat Gostiny Dvor Webcam

Great Gostiny Dvor Webcam: live from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Broadcasting method: live video 360p

Webcam with a view of Nevsky Prospect and Anichkov PalaceWebcam with a view of Nevsky Prospect and Anichkov Palace

Live webcam webcasts a view of the Nevsky Prospect and Anichkov Palace in Saint Petersburg.
Broadcasting mode: live video 360p

Yeliseyev Grocery Store WebcamYeliseyev Grocery Store Webcam

Live webcam of the Eliseevsky store transmits a view of the famous «Ball» in Saint Petersburg city.
Broadcasting way: live feed 360p

Webcam on Nevsky ProspektWebcam on Nevsky Prospekt

Live webcam installed on Nevsky Prospect towards the Vosstaniya Square in St Petersburg.
Broadcasting technique: live webcast 360p

Webcam at Sadovaya Street and Gostiny DvorWebcam at Sadovaya Street and Gostiny Dvor

Webcam broadcasts Sadovaya Street and Gostiny Dvor in Saint Petersburg online.
Broadcasting mode: live video 360p

Webcam on the Foundry avenueWebcam on the Foundry avenue

The webcam submits the Foundry avenue in St. Petersburg in real time.
Broadcasting method: live feed 360p

Pirogovskaya embankment webcamPirogovskaya embankment webcam

Live webcam transmits Pirogovskaya embankment and Foundry Bridge in St. Petersburg in real time.
Broadcasting way: live webcast 360p is the catalog of live webcams around the world. The catalog is divided into countries and cities. You can at any time immerse yourself in the world of online travel.

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