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French Polynesia in real time. Interesting web cams: French Polynesia in real time mode, all-day, free, nearby: Taunoa, Paea.

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Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony Live CamOamaru Blue Penguin Colony Live Cam

Live PTZ webcam is installed on the beach of a colony of blue penguins in the town of Oamaru, New Zealand. The camera allows you to observe the life of the smallest penguins in the world in real time.
Broadcasting technique: live webcast 1080p
4763.6 km.

Oamaru Blue Penguin Nest WebcamOamaru Blue Penguin Nest Webcam

Live webcam is set in the nest of a little (blue) penguin, in the town of Oamaru, New Zealand. The camera allows you to observe the life of these amazing birds in real time.
Broadcasting mode: live stream 1080p
4763.6 km.

Taiaroa Head WebcamTaiaroa Head Webcam

Taiaroa Head Webcam: streaming live from the northern royal albatross colony at Taiaroa Head near Dunedin. A young albatross pair are in the process of constructing their nest, with their egg expected in mid to late-November. Look out for their colour bands - the male bird has blue-black (BK) colour bands and the female has red-blue-black (RBK).
Broadcasting method: live video 1080p
4814.7 km.

Octagon WebcamOctagon Webcam

Camera mounted on the Art Gallery in the Octagon, looking back towards the Visitor Centre, the statue of Robbie Burns and the Town Hall.
Broadcasting way: picture 480p
4835.1 km.

Macquarie Island station webcamMacquarie Island station webcam

Macquarie Island station webcam by Australian Antarctic Division. Updates everey 10 minutes. Webcam provides current weather conditions.
Broadcasting way: image 360p
5982.8 km.

Sea Eagle nest webcam, SydneySea Eagle nest webcam, Sydney

Live webcam demonstrates the nest of the sea eagle in real time. The nest is installed on a tree near the Parramatta River in the Olympic Park of Sydney, Australia. A sea eagle, (or a bald eagle) is a bird of prey from the family of hawks.
Broadcasting technique: live video 720p
6137.7 km.

Webcam in the peregrine falcon nest, OrangeWebcam in the peregrine falcon nest, Orange

Live webcam is installed in a peregrine falcon nest in the city of Orange. The camera demonstrates in real time the entrance to the nest, which is installed in a wooden box on top of a water tower on the grounds of Charles Sturt University in New South Wales in Australia. This box contains three birdwatching webcams.
Broadcasting technique: live feed 720p
6479.2 km.

Webcam over the peregrine falcon nest, OrangeWebcam over the peregrine falcon nest, Orange

Live webcam is placed over a peregrine falcon nest in the Australian city of Orange. Live camera feeds on a close-up of the nest, which sits in a wooden box on top of a water tower at Charles Sturt University in New South Wales. This box contains three webcams.
Broadcasting way: live stream 720p
6479.2 km.

Peregrine falcon nest webcam, OrangePeregrine falcon nest webcam, Orange

Live webcam submits a peregrine falcon nest on the outskirts of Orange, Australia in real time. The nest is mounted in a wooden box on top of a water tower located on the grounds of Charles Sturt University in Orange city in the Central West Region of the Australian state of New South Wales.
Broadcasting method: live video 1440p
6479.2 km.

Webcam at the Bald Eagle's Nest, Fraser Point, Santa Cruz IslandWebcam at the Bald Eagle's Nest, Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island

Live PTZ webcam installed at the nest of bald eagles at Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island off the west coast of California, USA. The camera transmits in real time the life of birds of prey and allows you to watch at close range how eagles hatch eggs and raise chicks.
Broadcasting way: live feed 1080p
6545.2 km.

Bald Eagle Live CamBald Eagle Live Cam

You're invited into the nest to discover the breeding and nesting behavior of bald eagles on Santa Cruz Island, part of Channel Islands National Park.
Broadcasting technique: live feed 720p
6548.2 km.

Webcam at the Bald Eagle's Nest, West End, Santa Catalina IslandWebcam at the Bald Eagle's Nest, West End, Santa Catalina Island

Live webcam webcasts a view of the bald eagles nest in real time. The camera is positioned on West End a small island, in the northwestern part of the island of Santa Catalina, California, USA. With this webcam, you can watch the life of a pair of bald eagles live. In the nest, near which an online camera is installed, the birds hatch and grow their chicks.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 1080p
6560.1 km.

Catalina West End Overlook WebcamCatalina West End Overlook Webcam

Live PTZ webcam installed on the island of West End, California. The nest of bald eagles enters the field of view of the camera. This webcam allows you to see everything that happens around the nest. Video broadcasting is in Full HD high definition.
Broadcasting mode: live video 1080p
6560.1 km.

Webcam at the nest of Bald Eagles, Two Harbors, CaliforniaWebcam at the nest of Bald Eagles, Two Harbors, California

Live webcam demonstrates a nest of bald eagles, located near the village of Two Harbors on the island of Santa Catalina, California. The camera in real time allows you to remotely monitor the life of bald eagles in their natural habitat.
Broadcasting technique: live video 1080p
6563.2 km.

Polar Bear CamPolar Bear Cam

Polar Bear Cam: live from the San Diego Zoo. Polar Bear Plunge is one of the largest polar bear exhibits in the world. It's wet and it's wild—polar bear style!
Broadcasting mode: live feed 480p
6571.4 km.

Shark Lagoon WebcamShark Lagoon Webcam

Learn more about the ocean’s most mysterious and misunderstood predators. Shark Lagoon features sandbar, sand tiger, zebra, nurse, and blacktip reef sharks, as well as a freshwater sawfish and reticulated whiptail rays. The large sharks in Shark Lagoon are fed at 2:00pm PT daily!
Broadcasting way: live webcast 720p
6607.5 km.

Seajelly CamSeajelly Cam

You are looking at the magnificent west coast sea nettles in the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. West coast sea nettles are a type of jelly, an invertebrate made up mostly of water. Jellies have no heart, brain or bones. They swim by jet propulsion; by expanding then quickly contracting, water is forced away from its bell-shaped body, pushing the jelly in the opposite direction. The aquarium has successfully cultured this species for many years and often shares the jellies with other aquariums. It takes about three months to rear the jellies from polyps to ephyrae, the adult stage.
Broadcasting mode: live feed 720p
6607.5 km.

Wrasse and Anthias CamWrasse and Anthias Cam

Considered by many to be among the most beautiful in the world, Palau’s waters contain an incredible diversity of coral, fish, and other colorful marine life. This Live Cam represents the beautiful marine life you would find off the coast of Palau, including several fish that have the unique ability to switch sexes such as the wrasse and anthias. In most such species, individuals begin as females and develop into males. These males then typically change color and shape, and assume a dominant role in the local social structures of the species.
Broadcasting way: live video 720p
6607.5 km.

Tropical Reef CameraTropical Reef Camera

The Tropical Reef Habitat is the Aquarium's largest exhibit, containing 350,000 gallons of water and over 1,000 animals. This exhibit represents the famous Blue Corner off the coast of Palau. This area, lush and abundant with life, is considered one of the most beautiful diverse sites in the world. You may catch a diver on cam cleaning the exhibit or feeding the fish. Most divers are volunteers, donating their time to clean the exhibit, and feed the animals.
Broadcasting technique: live stream 720p
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